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Obnoxious App

Advertising pops up at unexpected times and is hard to get rid off.

App OK. Would like iCal support

The app is ok and does what I need it to do. I really don't like being bombarded with ads though when I'm just trying to get my kids' schedules. Would really like iCal support to integrate the schedule into my personal calendar.

This site is fantastic!

Tournament Time is the bomb! If you haven’t played in one of their tournaments. Try it

Cal Ripken

It’s on.

Very nice app

Look it

Wonderful App

Wonderful app. Easy to follow our schedule. Link to maps of locations is great.

Well Done

Well organized. Everything per schedule. Quality teams. Good umpiring


Great tool

Should be called Ad machine.....

Basic functionality is for tournament schedules is included and works well. The user is barraged with ads in the app, and if notifications are on, pretty much a requirement to find out about weather and field changes, be prepared for 6:30am mid-week pop up ads for Buffalo Wild Wings.

Wish you could created a tournament

I love the game but it doesn't have a create a tournament mode.


But please make the schedule info easier to read. Old eyes would appreciate it.

Huron GOAT’s

Great App very easy and helps me stay organized for this tournament.

This is amazingly awesomely

I’m loving this app? Wow!!!!

Watching from home

I wish they had player stats

Super App!

Invaluable during long hot days at lax tournies. We know who and where we’re playing, keep up to date on how the competition is faring, and keep tabs on how friends in different age groups are doing. Great stuff. I can envision a future version where you can upload a video highlight from the games.

Great stuff

Really keeps me up to date with all our games. Thank you tourney app

App sort of works, but has extortionate add interruptions

You are probably going to install this app because it is the only way to get the information you need for a tournament you already paid an entry fee for. So you are forced to use it. When using it. It will pop up random interruptions, forcing you to find the hidden close button to get back to what you are trying to find. So they will try and annoy and badger you into the $1 per month subscription fee. All in all, kind of the worst of the worst slimy and manipulative and dishonest business model. Enjoy it while you are trapped in the “mandatory hotel” the tournament organizers forced your team to stay at..

Tournament Schedule

Probably nothing you could do about it but we were in the wrong bracket. We will probably give up 80+ goals and score 0 for the weekend. That is really not beneficial for either team.

Maine Sluggers General Manager

Great app! Allows players and parents to see schedule and score of other games in our bracket. Makes last minute field and game time changes a lot less stressful knowing everyone can go to one place to see all changes.

As supported model not working for me.

The ads are ridiculous ... watching an ad while at a tournament has to lead a lot of low quality ad views. Who’s going to click on an ad? I just won’t use it. Just charge $1.99 for the app and be done with it.

To many ads.

I get it, but seriously?? Little overkill.

Good app. Ads super annoying

The app is really good, but I have 4 stars because of the ads. I understand they need to make money, but I use this app because it’s the only way to get our tournament info. There isn’t another option. My logic may not hold water, but I find the ads very irritating.

Update gave me the ads back

I paid for the ad free app in April when my boys baseball season started, then they updated the app at the beginning of this month, June. All of the sudden I have ads all over the place again. I contacted customer service and they sent me a code to get rid of the ads. Unfortunately I’m doing this through my iPhone and iTunes account. There is no place to put said code to bypass this. Keeps attempting to charge me again!

Great ap

Good app for the team

Works awesome. Must-have tool for tournaments.

Works great. Awesome to be able to follow my son’s team as well as teams in other divisions etc. Great product. Go add-free. Well worth the $.99/month.

Amazing App

Great app to use if you have a relative that plays a sport and travels to tournaments. Easy to navigate and even easier to understand.

Great App

I don’t know what we would do without it.

Adds while they charge tournament organizers to use?

It’s a real shame they are charging users to get rid of adds while using the app. Tournament organizers are already paying a fortune just to have their tournament on the app so having adds and trying to charge Parents is just plain greedy!


Extremely disappointed that it doesn’t update your team and game times once you are in bracket play. It was nice for pool play games only.

Extremely helpful!!

This app makes it so easy for parents to see team standings and tournament information!!!

Seems ok till it crashed

Seemed to be ok. Ads were annoying. But then it crashed on day 2 of tourney. All teams disappeared.

Easy to use

Great to keep organized and on top of changes in real time

Too many ads!

Not worth it to buy it. Just use the mobile site.

Wish I could follow more teams!

Wish I could follow more teams! :)

Button to pay to remove ads is not working

Great app. Button to pay to remove ads is not working

Too Many Annoying ads!

They really go overboard with ads. Sometimes there is a YouTube video you have to watch before you can take a quick look at which field you are on. Pop up banners, screen takeovers are all over the place. I can’t tell you how many times I want to smash my phone because it’s so hard to get out of the Ads. I find it much better to just use their website on computer, but if you are away from your desk, you are out of luck!

Love Tourney Machine!

When we are playing in a tournament using Tournament Machine I know I’ll always have a quick and easy way to keep up with all results quickly and easily. Love it!

Ads kill this app

Ads kill

Font too small

Love using the app - but WHY is the font for the date and time, of the games, sooooo small?? Hate to say it but some of us parents / coaches have eyes that aren’t what they used to be. Please help. Thx


Nice app

Would give negative rating due to invasive adds

I am teased by the setting to remove adds by paying for a subscription. DOESN’T WORK!!!!!! Very poor experience now with this app, and no ability to make the adds go away!!!!?


So easy to use great app!!!😎

Great app

Great app great idea


I can not remove ads. Every time I try and click the button nothing happens. Disappointed!


Need to be able to enlarge screen.


This site does a great job,we need more like it!!

Good stuff!

The only thing missing here is tournament sponsors need to get their schedules up on this site sooner! A great way to keep track of your kids at tournaments and see how their teams are doing


Very excited to use this app to keep up with my Grandson’s Tournaments. What a let down. The scores are not posted promptly, there are two games he played that are still not posted. You can not keep up with the score during the game because nothing is posted. It does not tell you if game is in rain delay. It really has not posted anything but the brackets and they are not kept up. Good idea for an app but it needs work!

BS to pay to eliminate ads

Horrible !!! Some ads are 30 seconds long and the little X to remove is well hidden As a coach who’s forced to use this by tournament directors — I Just want to confirm the changes after weather updates and you want us to pay to remove ads? Not a chance ... won’t be more than 1 star

Great app

Best app for tournaments around the country by far!! Someone is smart!!

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