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Paid for upgrade still getting adds!

DO NOT PAY FOR UPGRADE - Great app except the adds - I paid floor the upgrade and I’m still bombarded by adds. Please fix ASAP.

Not user friendly

Has the potential to be a good app, but it isn't user friendly. Navigation through the app doesn't flow well. The home page doesn't seem to be consistent. You should be able to search by team name. Once you find your team and follow it, being able to download the season's schedule to your calendar would be helpful. But, maybe that function is there, I just can't figure out how to use it.


I downloaded the app while watching an actual soccer tournament in STL and they could not locate the tournament I was at. I then tried searching for other tournaments. In fact they had zero results. The search function is non existent as you can't search by name. I was disappointed in the app- and ended up deleting it.

Could improve in search

This app is useful, but would be even better if you could search by team. This way people could look back for specific teams to see what tournaments they played, who they played, and how they did.


It might be a good app, but I can't use it since it crashes every time I try to open it!

Crashes every time

Not sure what's happening, but every time it loads it crashes.


Crashes after the update!! Thanks

Pop ups

This app has a great concept but one more pop up and I am deleting it. Those are annoying.

Makes attending tournaments so much better!

We used to stay at the fields until late at night to find out where we played our first bracket game. We now head home or to the hotel and check the app.

Live scoring 500 error

Live scoring is returning a 500 error and we can't score.

Tourney pass only works for one tournament

Only works for one tournament and you can't change it to the other tournament you want. Not impressed. Thumbs down

Just awesome

Just awesome

Good app


Really I have to buy a pass to get rid of the ads?

We pay thousands of dollars to be in these tourneys. Surely the tourney pays you for using the app. The constant ads and the constant pop up asking to buy a tourney pass are obnoxious and make this app useless.

Drowning in Ads

Edit: the day our tournament started, the option for a "tourney pass" was made available in the app, which removed ads and consolidated all of my teams. I think it was $1.99, which is worth it. So all good now. ------ Ugh. Ads over top of other ads. No way to even pay to get rid of them, as far as I can tell. Makes it really difficult and more time consuming to use. Thumbs down.

Terrible in-app purchase scam

This app requires you to pay for every league or tournament separately! If your team plays in a league year round, you will have to repurchase the app 4 times. If your team plays in any tournaments, you will also have to pay for those separately too. Awful! If you use is app on multiple devices, you will have to buy it on each device! I will no longer be making any more in-app purchases in this app and will be encouraging my players and their families to do the same.

Charged TWICE and still have ads

I was charged twice for this app and still have ads. Extremely frustrating.

The Machine!

I love going to tournaments that use TM. What a great experience for our parents and fans. If you're not using TM for your events, you need to!

Great app

The app works perfect for me. Never had an issue when searching to find our tournaments.

Doesn't work

It won't show anything but games that have happened and final scores. I have the updated version on iPhone 7 plus. Won't work on husband's Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge either. Does exact same thing. We don't know what's what unless ask other parents. Always want to know far in advance to book rooms but unfortunately this app doesn't help with that.

DON'T update

My son has version 1.2.02 for his iPod touch 5 and I can see the tournament we need for next weekend (I was able to Search for it by NAME "USSSA" and it popped right up. I have version 1.4.04 which does not seem to allow any open ended search function so I am forced to use filters (which are just baseball, indiana, and this week). The tourney does not show anywhere and neither does our team. The versions are different and evidently show different information....or lack their of.


It won't download.

The App Does Not Load

I can't get the app to load on my phone every time I open it crashes and I have a new iPhone 7 plus!

Great when it works

I've downloaded the app 6x. Each time it fails to completely load and freezes on a white screen. When you can get it to work it's great

Needs to be more clear

This the league pass is misleading. It's not a one time $1.99 charge for the pass. It is $1.99 per tournament in order to remove ads. There needs to be an ad free version!!!


Does performance improvement mean ditching the annoying ads?

Spam But Useful

This app is nice at following your team, if the ads every other screen don't annoy you.


Love being able to follow the games from home. Go Bulldozers!

Pretty good app actually

My friend jake told me about the app and I downloaded it to try it out

Overall better than 3 stars....

The app is better than the 3 stars I am giving it, the ads are what kills it. Literally every time I open the app I have to exit out of about 3-6 ads before I even get to any screen/page for the app. Also will get multiple ads in a row during usage of the app. I know they have to "pay the bills" some way for a free app but this is crazy. One feature I would love to see if the ability to select a team and then see any future league or tournament games that team is signed up for in a single viewing. Unless I am doing it wrong, the only way now is to back out of what you are currently viewing and then search for a the tourney or league to see up coming games.

Fantastic App

This app is fantastic. Keeps me up to date at all of my kids tournaments with push notifications and live updates. Love the new Tourney Pass too. Anything to remove those pesky ads.

Exactly what I need!

This is killer. I am always at tournaments with my kids and this helps so much!

Great App

Yes the pop up ads are frustrating but they are better than paying for the app. The app on my T-Mobile phone is recently is frozen and won't load but the app on my at&t phone works great in the same place.

Very easy to use

So simple. Found my tournament fast and then showed results. Beats walking back to the tournament standings board every five minutes!!

Annoying pop ups ruin this app

Why are there pop up ads in this app? You only use it because the tournament you are attending uses it, having ads pop up every few clicks is unbelievably annoying. Find a different way to fund this app.

Simply Will Not Load

Stuck on 'Loading Tournament'. Useless.

Not good

This app just doesn't make sense to me. I can navigate through it and can't seem to understand how it's set up. Poor app design

Won't open

Won't open...I've reinstalled and still won't open. An awesome website service, but useless application.

Great App Except the Pop Up Ads

The pop up ads are so annoying.

Works great until it won't load

Works great do displays scores and teams. Depends on how fast the organization inputs scores. Every couple hours just won't load anything at all. Stuck for 10 minutes or so on loading screen several times per day when the website works fine.

Update killed the app

Now there's adds. Can never find my event. Wish it would go back to how it was or give an option of paying for it to get rid of the dumb adds!!

Doesn't work

Nothing loads. I have to delete the app and re download to see any events.

Update killed app

Latest update killed the app. Will not load.

Unnecessary app

What was wrong with the "add to home screen" method? This app makes it difficult to look at schedules and scores if you are involved in multiple tournaments at the same time. How about a home screen that shows all the tournaments that you're following teams for at once? Or better yet, get rid of the annoying ad in the old "home screen" method that pops up every time you open the page? Make a good app and perhaps this isn't as big of a deal, but for now the app compels me to keep doing things the old way.

Battery drain

One of the biggest battery drains I've ever installed on one of my phones

Love it

Amazing app. Love working with Tourney Machine for all of my cross country tournaments.

#1 In The Game

Once you get adjusted to using Tourney Machine you will realize that no other tournament app comes close. I run travel baseball events weekly across the southern gulf coast and Tourney Machine offers EVERYTHING that you could ask for. #1 in the game!

Ads are annoying

How about an option to remove ads? Eat of it functions fine, but these pop ups are absolutely terrible


Worked well to begin with,then the teams I was following would disappear and I would have to follow again. The tournament teams and brackets are now gone completely on the last day of the tournament.

Weekend warrior - I love it

Spent all last weekend at a tournament with my kids and this made the whole experience so much better than it has ever been at a tourney. Loved getting notified when brackets updated.

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